The grid is a raster to create units of account in dynamic value

A grid is a logical structure, a raster, or a matrix of elements in relation to each other. It is the invisible order of things.

We use a grid for all that is Uon.Earth. To index colors, symbols, and lingo. To lay out cards and decks. To order the 24 global goals. To connect circles of engagement. To present the human algorithm. It provides a clear logic and level playing field for all.

The Grid is also the name for the shield of nature protection: a predefined raster of m2 over the planet. Every unit has its own geocode of three words and will be monitored on six key performance indicators. The grid is a raster to create units of account in dynamic value across three dimensions: planet, people, profit.

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Uon.Earth translates its vision and intention into a comprehensive set of blueprints. Together, these blueprints provide the strategic framework, guiding principles, and outlines for manifesting the vision in a way that maintains its integrity. #TheBlueprint is created by the board of Uon.Earth, a partnership between Union of Nature Foundation and EarthToday, a tech company with a purpose portal for brands, charities and consumers to collectively campaign for Earth.
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